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The Teacher's Journey

MIDDAY offers support for emerging teachers at every level, from total novices to developing educators. Dance artists may teach with MIDDAY either as a guest teacher or may inquire about becoming a dedicated faculty member. 


Dedicated faculty follow their own individualized growth journey as educators, arts administrators, and (if applicable) as choreographers, directors, and/or project managers.

Guest Artists are invited to teach one-time workshops or multi-week short series.

Fill out our inquiry form if you are interested in guest teaching!




Short Series


  • Teaching novices are encouraged to join the Shuffle Cohort, teaching on a monthly basis in a rotating roster of peer teachers; 

  • Teachers with more experience can choose to join the Short Series Cohort, teaching 3- to 8-week short series;

  • More developed teachers might elect to become an Ongoing Teacher, teaching weekly classes for a minimum of 4 month intervals, and are more directly mentored in optimizing the connection between their artistic and business practices; 

  • Mentored Teachers are guided in launching their own classes around Metro Boston (hosted by them rather than MIDDAY), and are more directly mentored in their leadership and community building skills as they relate to the wider Boston arts sector overall.

Ongoing Teachers

Mentored Teachers

Class-Taker Journeys

Our classes are packed with benefits! Dancers who take our classes can look forward to:

  • Physical and Intellectual Rigor: our advanced-level classes aim to be challenging and stimulating, both intellectually and physically, fully pushing your learning edge.

  • Reciprocity and Growth in Critique: we hold feedback circles after each Shuffle and Short Series class so our emerging teachers can gain real time information to boost their development. Class takers can deepen their skills in giving feedback --both “negative” and positive-- and can learn from other class takers’ feedback as well, indirectly informing their own class taking practices.  

  • “You Knew Them When…” : our teachers are folks who are focused on their growth, and it's a joy to see how quickly they develop! You'll meet teachers at the early stages of their careers not only in teaching, but often also in choreography, administration, production, and more. Come be an active part of their journeys!

  • Community and Networking: we know the local dance community can be “hidden in plain sight,” especially for newcomers. Our classes offer a welcoming place for dance professionals to land, make friends and acquaintances, learn about and offer professional opportunities, and learn about the wider local dance scene.

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