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Support Midday Movement Series

“What we pay attention to grows.”

-Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategies, p. 34

MIDDAY is on a mission to transform our dance sector to become more vibrant, just, and interconnected by cultivating a new, diverse generation of dance leaders. 


Our BIPOC-led organization works diligently to make this a reality —inside of MIDDAY’s programs and operations, and beyond — by centering artists of color at every level of our organization. But we cannot do it without you! Read more about the historical and cumulative effects of racism on people of color’s health, financial, environmental, and communal wellbeing at the bottom of our BIPOC Mentorship Program page, and note our BIPOC team is vulnerable to these impacts as well.


Your ongoing support helps us fulfill our mission to collectively create far-reaching and long-lasting change. 




  • Donate through our fiscal sponsor, Studio@550, a local, artist-centered organization.

  • Join our Patreon to provide your ongoing support.

  • Become a friend! Contact us about providing major support (donations of $500+)

  • Sponsorship: we are seeking sponsors to support our programs and events. 

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