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Whether you're an early-career dance artist or an established creative,

we all need help sometimes.

Check out our programs like BIPOC Professional Dancer Mentorship, Decentering Whiteness Project, and One-on One Consultations with Marissa Molinar. 

BIPOC Professional Dancer Mentorship

An eight-month program, BIPOC Professional Dancer Mentorship participants will be supported in establishing their dance careers in Metro Boston through a class-taking stipend, a personal stipend, individualized mentorship, and peer-to-peer support, culminating in a final event

BIPOC Professional Dancer Mentorship

MIDDAY Director Marissa Molinar is here to be your sounding board when you need it! ​

Contact Marissa to set up a free 30-min discovery call! 

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Decentering Whiteness Project

This project is a community-informed tool to begin the process of moving contemporary dance away from pillars of white supremacy culture in our class spaces.

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