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MIDDAY Classes

Class Types

Dance artists know how important class spaces are; for this reason, our classes are MIDDAY’s flagship program. For 46 weeks out of the year, we host open, affordable ($5-$15), professional-level classes led by emerging teachers. By providing consistent weekly classes for dance professionals, we are importantly providing:

  • consistent training space and resources for dance professionals at affordable rates;

  • visibility for the local professional dance community;

  • an ongoing incubator for artistic innovation and experimentation for teachers and class-takers alike;

  • consistent professional development for dance professionals by sharing and  tapping into the latest best practices in our field;

  • networking and community space for dance professionals to meet, establish colleagues and collaborative networks, learn about and land performing and other job opportunities;

  • a culture of support that familiarizes local dance professionals with taking active part in each other’s growth journeys;

  • And more!


Participants can expect a rigorous yet welcoming environment in all of MIDDAY’s classes, with a focus on pre-professional and professional dance artists. 


What is a MIDDAY Teacher?

Teachers may teach with MIDDAY either as a guest (single engagement or pop-up classes) or as a dedicated faculty member. Dedicated faculty receive individualized artistic mentorship and professional development in justice-based business skills during a period of 6 months to 3 years.


Learn more about the different teaching tiers below.


Dedicated faculty only

MIDDAY Mentored Teachers are dance teachers who host their own classes in the community but seek guidance in business/artistic practices, leadership/stewardship skills, and/or personal systems to optimize their impact. Mentored teachers work one-on-one with MIDDAY Director Marissa Molinar to hone their leadership ethos and its application, and to develop their artistic identity within the context of the Boston dance sector as a whole. With an emphasis on strengthening their mission and goals, each Mentored Teacher is guided toward operationalizing their values in their projects and businesses to help create meaningful impact for and within their communities. 


Dedicated faculty only

MIDDAY’s Ongoing Classes are weekly classes taught by one teacher for a minimum of six months. Ongoing classes are taught by teachers working toward establishing their own community classes and expanding their capacity for leadership, both as teachers and in other professional endeavors (as choreographers, company directors, arts administrators, community organizers, and more). Ongoing classes give teachers and dancers alike the opportunity to delve more deeply into the instructor’s movement language and to build a relationship through consistent interaction.


For guest teachers and dedicated faculty

Shuffle is MIDDAY’s rotating series of advanced contemporary dance classes led by emerging local teachers. Interested teachers receive in-the-moment feedback with a MIDDAY-led feedback circle with all participants at the end of class. In this way, MIDDAY Shuffle allows new teachers to dip their toes into their teaching practice, acquainting themselves with their artistic voice and movement style while acclimating to the basics of class facilitation.


Tuesdays @ 12 - 2 PM
The Foundry (Dance Studio)
101 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142

MIDDAY Short Series

For guest teachers and dedicated faculty

MIDDAY Short Series is a platform that allows emerging dance teachers to lead 3- to 8-week sessions of advanced contemporary dance classes, strengthening their capacity for facilitation and building a following while deepening their understanding of their own artistic identity. 


We are always interested in connecting with new teachers in Feldenkrais, yoga, Alexander Technique, meditation, Gyrokinesis, contemporary styles, and more. Interested in teaching? Email us at


Thursdays @ 12 - 2 PM
The Foundry (Dance Studio)
101 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 0

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