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Solution-Minded Support for Dance Professionals

Consultations + Coaching










What's the difference between coaching and consultations? Why is it useful?

And most importantly, is it for me?

Coaching or consultations are for you if any of the following fill-in-the-blanks apply to you:

I AM A . . .

  • Dancer

  • Choreographer

  • Dance teacher

  • Dance administrator

  • Dance program/project manager



  • Guidance in creating and/or reaching goals

  • Creative and/or administrative mentorship

  • Professional development

  • Strategic planning

  • Decentering whiteness in my practice (including administration)



You have a specific project in mind but you need help in a particular area (such as leadership and project management, strategic planning, decentering whiteness in your project design and/or administrative practices, and more). Hire Marissa as a consultant to help you implement your vision in alignment with your artistic voice and values.



Maybe you need more general guidance rather than help with a particular project. You need help reaching your goals - or maybe you need to learn how to even create a goal! Coaching sessions with Marissa can help you identify your artistic voice, set personal and professional objectives, learn important administrative and other professional skills, connect the pieces of your work life, and more!

15-min discovery calls are free. 60-min Consultations are offered on a sliding scale, typically $25-$80/hr. Please visit The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice to help assess your ability to pay.

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Whether you're an early-career dance artist or an established creative, we all need help sometimes. MIDDAY Director Marissa Molinar is here to be your sounding board when you need it!

New Clients!

Returning Clients!

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